8 steps to Add Feedburner Email Subscription Box To Your Blogger Blog

As a Blogger our aim is to build subscriber base which will eventually build our brand and customer base.  The subscription helps our blog users by sending a copy of our post the moment it is published.

Most of the blog users like this Email Subscription Feature of blogs. So lets know how the Email Subscription Box is added into a blog.

1.  Create a feed burner account at http://feedburner.google.com

2. Enter your blog/feed address and click next

3. Now choose the available feed to proceed

4. Next job will be to provide a title for the feed.

5. Now your feed is active.

6. We are all ready. Next step is to integrate the feed into your blog i.e. wordpress, blogger, … For that click next check all the check boxes available and again click next.

7.  Now click on publicize tab and click on Email Subscriptions Menu

8. Click Activate button and your feed will be active for publishing. Automatically the HTML code will be generated and shown. You can post it into your blog by using a HTML/JavaScript Widget(For Blogger) and Text Widget (For WordPress).

A.  For blogger there is a inbuilt option just bellow the HTML code generated by feedburner. Just choose blogger and click GO. 
B. It will take you to your blogger admin page. Follow the instructions at blogger to integrate it to blogger.

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