5 websites that will tell you nokia mobile tricks / mobile hacking tricks

I found some indian bloggers who are going to tell a lot about nokia mobile tricks to hack your mobile phone for better performance.


This site tells you, about some tricks like,

  • how to use the edit button
  • How to format
  • How to install a program in a nokia mobile.
  • Checking which programs are running currently
  • How to view the firmware version
  • How to save memory while installing APP.
  • Finding the operators logo.
  • How to check if the recipiant of the message has received the message.
  • How to BlueJack
  • Shortcut keys for viewing pictures.
  • How to do a Soft Reset / Hard Reset
  • How to ckeck the image formats
  • How to switch between applications
  • How to start-up in safe mode ( Avoid auto run applications)
  • How to free more amount of system RAM.


The website will tell you exactly what to do in a very simple language.

  • How To check any mobile IMEI number useful incase your mobile is lost.
  • How to ckeck the phones software revision for nokia mobile
  • How to enter into the secrete menu of nokia mobile phone.
  • How to reset to the factory settings of the Nokia Mobile.
  • How to take a picture even without getting noticed.
  • How to hide your own nokia mobile cell phone number.
  • How to speed dial from your nokia mobile sim card contact.
  • How to detect whether you are near to a radar using nokia mobile.
  • How to spy using your nokia mobile.


Techarena.in is a popular indian website which provides all its visitor or users the facility to explore, contribute or discuss and elucidate the ideas for accomplishing their day to day tasks and projects.

Here the website explains nokia mobile hacking tricks nicely. It tells you

  • How to use your standby battery in your nokia mobile phone.
  • How to activate the best sound quality in your nokia mobile.
  • How to view your nokia mobile software version.
  • How to view the N/W, Country, SIM lock status in your nokia mobile.
  • How to ckeck where all your nokia mobile calls are diverted.
  • Displays security code in use
  • …..


The website is hosted and maintained by Mr Rizwan. He describes nokia mobile tricks in a very professional manner. It describes the nokia mobile hacking in depth.

It covers short cut codes that will save you some time as well as a bit idea about programming.

It classifies the nokia mobile hacking tutorials into different parts considering the Model.


Petercrys explains nokia mobile tricks along with some nice hacking tricks for nokia mobile phones like

  • How to get forgotten MMC password.


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