top 13 collection of jquery digital clock with demo and downloads

No 1. A Colorful jquery digital clock – By

A nicely thought and designed digital clock using jQuery and CSS. The circles are inspired from Google Plus. The whole design makes it a nice looking clock. Specially helpful to create your countdown timer.

No 2. jquery css3 digital clock – By

Very finly designed analog clock created using jQuery and CSS. It makes us remember those school day clocks.  It is created using the new feature of CSS3 which lets us scale, skew and translate (move) objects in our web page.

No 3. jquery sliding digital clock – By

No 4. jquery vonholdt digital clock – By

No 5. Super Simple CSS3 Pendulum Digital Clock Using Pure CSS ( without Jquery or Javascript)

The power of CSS3 allows us to even animate some HTML elements without using jQuery or Javascript.

The following pendulum clock is a cool example of the above nice feature.

No 6. jQuery Digital World Clock – By Dan Ott

A very innovative clock where the digits are represented using words.

No 7. jQuery Analogue Clock – By Paul Hayes

Simple CSS3 Roman clock created by using -webkit-transition and -webkit-transform  properties.



No 8. jQuery / CSS3 Digital Clock – By Alessio Atzeni


A simple, easy to use jquery + CSS3 digital clock with nice animation which includes both date and time.



No 9. jQuery Colour Clock – By

The HTML color clock is a brilliant idea which represents HTML colors as hexadecimal values as time passes. It has been built using jQuery and CSS.



No 10.  coolclock – a jQuery Clock Written using CSS – By


CoolClock is a customisable javascript analog clock



No 11. jQuery digital clock with calendar and weather

jDigiClock is a jQuery plugin inspired from HTC Hero Clock Widget. Where as such a complex looking plugin it is surprisingly easy to install



No 12. A simple goodlooking jQuery Digital Clock – By

Here simply a clock image in photoshop has been created and different images are provided for each hand. A jQuery script will update the rotate position every 1000 millisecond, therefore it creates a rotating effect on each of the three hands.



No13. A big analog clock using jquery


A JQuery and a plugin named jQueryRotate has been used to create the big analogue clock. The main idea behind making this watch is to rotate the three images according to the actual time tt/mm/ss.



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