Display an default image when no image is found

Many social networking websites display an default image when an user does not upload any. This can be implemented both in ASP.NET Image Controls as well as HTML image controls

ASP.NET Image Control

<asp:Image ID="imgProd" runat="server"onerror="this.onload = null; this.src='ImageurlORAnyImageHere.jpg';"/>

HTML Image Control

<img id="imgProd1" src="someimage.gif"onerror="this.onerror=null; this.src='ImageurlORAnyImageHere.jpg';" />

We are using the onerror event of the image tag, which triggers if there is an error while loading an image. If an error occurs, we display ‘ImageurlORAnyImageHere.jpg’ as the default image. You can even add an image url.

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