Login with Google Plus OAuth.

Icame across a simple login system called User authentication with Google Plus data posted at 9lessons.info. Try this it’s almost like twitter login system, I hope in future Google + going to release some more options.

Download Script              Live Demo

Step 1

Add or register your domain at click here.

Importing GMail Contacts Google OAuth Connect with PHP.
Step 2

Verify your domain ownership with HTML file upload or including META tag.

Importing GMail Contacts Google OAuth Connect with PHP.
Step 3

Google will provide you OAuth consumer key and OAuth consumer secret key.

Importing GMail Contacts Google OAuth Connect with PHP.
Step 4

Create client ID OAuth Console here.

Login with Google Plus Oauth
Step 5

Create client ID.

Login with Google Plus OAuth.
Step 6

Here the application OAuth client ID and client secret.

Login with Google Plus OAuth.

Here you have to configure application OAuth keys and Consumer keys.

// OAuth2 Settings, you can get these keys at https://code.google.com/apis/console Step 6 keys
‘oauth2_client_id’ => ‘App Client ID’,
‘oauth2_client_secret’ => ‘App Client Secret’,
‘oauth2_redirect_uri’ => ‘http://yoursite.com/gplus/index.php’,// OAuth1 Settings Step 3  keys.
‘oauth_consumer_key’ => ‘OAuth Consumer Key’,
‘oauth_consumer_secret’ => ‘OAuth Consumer Secret’,

Google plus login system.

require_once ‘src/apiClient.php’;
require_once ‘src/contrib/apiPlusService.php’;
$client = new apiClient();
$client->setApplicationName(“9lessons Google+ Login Application”);
$plus = new apiPlusService($client);
if (isset($_REQUEST[‘logout’]))
}if (isset($_GET[‘code’]))
$_SESSION[‘access_token’] = $client->getAccessToken();
header(‘Location: http://&#8217; . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] . $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]);
}if (isset($_SESSION[‘access_token’]))

if ($client->getAccessToken())
$me = $plus->people->get(‘me’);
$_SESSION[‘access_token’] = $client->getAccessToken();
$authUrl = $client->createAuthUrl();

header(“location: home.php”);

print “<a class=’login’ href=’$authUrl’>Google Plus Login </a>”;
print “<a class=’logout’ href=’index.php?logout’>Logout</a>”;

Contains PHP code inserting Google plus session details into users table.

if (!isset($_SESSION[‘gplusdata’]))
// Redirection to home page
header(“location: index.php”);
echo “<img src=’$me[‘image’][‘url’]; ‘ />”;
echo “Name: $me[‘displayName’]; “;
echo “Gplus Id:  $me[‘id’]”;
echo “Male: $me[‘gender’]”;
echo “Relationship: $me[‘relationshipStatus’]”;
echo “Location: $me[‘placesLived’][0][‘value’]”;
echo “Tagline: $me[‘tagline’];
print “<a class=’logout’ href=’index.php?logout’>Logout</a> “;

2 thoughts on “Login with Google Plus OAuth.

  1. i have applied all the above steps.but after entering google plus email id & password it is unable to find the requested url.plz help me with some suggestions

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