Skype Problem, Over Wireless Connections

Wireless zero configuration is a service offered by Windows XP to simplify wireless network management and guarantee that your PC has the fastest possible connection. Periodically (about one minute interval) it resets the connection and searches for a higher speed connection. This may cause your Skype connection to drop.


This service is required to establish wireless connection, but it can be stopped subsequently. The service can be started or stopped via the Windows service management screen or Windows commands.


Windows service management screen: Right click on “My Computer” on your desktop, select “Manage” >> “Services and Applications” >> “Services”. Double click on the entry “Wireless Zero Configuration” and you can start or stop the service.


Skype VoIP Video Package - PremiumCommands: The following two commands can be used to start or stop the service:

net stop wzcsvc

net start wscsvc


You can enter these commands by going to “Start” >> “Run”; or you can create a short cut for each command.


To create the short cut, start Windows Explorer, locate and right click C:\WINDOWS\system32\net.exe; select “Send To” >> “Desktop.” This would create an icon on your desktop. Right click on the icon and select “Properties”. Under “General” tab, change the name to “Stop WZC”; under “Shortcut” tab, append ” stop wzcsvc” (yes, there is a space before “stop”) to the “Target” field. Set up the “Start WZC” shortcut in a similar fashion.


You can also put the “Stop WZC” shortcut in the startup folder so it would stop automatically for you.


Remember to restart the service if you have to reset the wireless connection.

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