The 6 Rules of Blogging?



The following is a Guest post by Tom Walker.

Tom Walker is a blogger and designer who works for an ecommerce store (offering HP supplies) as the lead editor and writer on their blog about vintage advertising and print media design.

Successful blog authors have learned that reaching their goals comes through following proven strategies that are known to be effective in delivering new, consistent and productive visitors to any site. If you are new to the blogosphere, here are six rules every successful blogger has learned to implement. Put them into practice with your own unique flair, and you will see steady growth that may well lead to big things.

1. Be Uniquely You: Let’s start there, because to stand out in an increasingly crowded field, you’ll want to create a one-of-a-kind look that is compelling – as opposed to just weird! This will tell your visitors you’ve got a unique perspective and provide something they won’t read in the mainstream of your niche. An approach to the design of the blog that’s uniquely individual will enhance the fresh perspective they are getting in your content. Don’t be afraid to do things differently. Add occasional video or audio or turn over the pen to an expert in the niche from time to time. Read plenty of other blogs in other niches and grab some good ideas, putting your own spin on them. Do some research on the idea of branding yourself, and apply what you learn to your blogging style.


2. Deliver Consistent Value: Being unique is great, but if it is not backed up by consistent value, your visitors won’t stick. Post consistently, if not daily, and make every contribution count with new, usable information that your readers can use TODAY! Guess what – this takes work! Those willing to put in the work to be consistently helpful to their readers will be those who reach their blogging goals. That’s why there is always room in a niche for you if you are willing to do what it takes to make your blog a “can’t miss” event for your readers.

3. Work Harder & Smarter Than the Next Guy or Gal: We say “don’t work harder, work smarter!” Success comes from working both harder and smarter. Both characteristics are absolutely essential. When you work really hard to be relevant, helpful and unique, you are creating your own competitive edge. That kind of self-reliance is a hallmark of those who succeed in every kind of endeavour.

4. Be Honest: Ever hear the talk radio guy start casually discussing a product and ¾’s of the way through you realize he’s trying to weave sponsored content seamlessly into his show? Blog readers hate that! Don’t you? If you’re posting sponsored content, let your readers know. In addition, provide an “About” page that gives readers a chance to get to know you, including the intention behind your blog.  Most readers would expect that you blog in order to make some money. They will appreciate you being up front about any partners or affiliates you may have. This is called integrity, and it is foundational to building trust.

5. Care About Your Subject: If you are passionate about your subject matter it will bleed through your content. If you are not passionate, you simply will not be able to keep up the consistency, quality, and hard work it takes to succeed. There are a million topics you build your blog around. Choose one that deeply matters to you, work it really hard, be unique, and success – along with profits – will follow. Any seasoned veteran will tell you that.

6. Engage your Readers in a Conversation: Great blogs are two-way streets. Feature responses to your posts. Highlight great comments, not only in your response section, though that is important, but consider devoting a post now and then to the great feedback you are getting from your readers. This will build readership, and using reader content will mean you don’t always have to have something fresh to say! Harder, smarter blogging will absolutely produce more, and more dedicated, readers.

While blogging may be relatively new, the rules for achieving the success you desire are as old as humanity. These will put you well on your way to producing a blog that many readers consider their most reliable and valuable source of information on topics you cover.

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