Some useful things about Web Hosting you probably don’t know!

Web HostingWeb Hosting

The biggest challenge faced by any individual starting a small business, organization, developers or someone who wants to showcase their work is to reach the maximum number of people. The World Wide Web has been such a boon as it gives the individuals and the organizations a platform to publicize their work. Now how can one do that? How can they reach millions of unknown people and tell them what they intend to do? Well the answer is simple by making a website. A website is a web page which will have the entire details, ideas, pictures, videos of the kind of work they are doing so that anyone and anybody can just view it and understand it.

But the question arises as to how does one get an access to the World Wide Web? Is it so easy to create a website? Is it as simple it sounds? Well the answer is yes it is! Here comes the role of web hosting service which would help the individual to make their own website and will also give you a safe and a secure place to keep your information. These safe havens are called as Servers which are provided by a web host company. These servers are kept in a secure place called data centers which are connected to high speed internet facility. These Servers store all your data in form of web pages, graphic files, java scripts etc.

The different types of hosting available are as follows:

  • Shared Hosting-where lot of websites sit in a common server. These are equipped with high speed powerful computers that have the capacity of taking the burden without slowing it down.
  • Dedicated Hosting-is like asking for a dedicated servant, just to serve your needs. An entire server is just committed for your website/websites.
  • Co-Location Hosting-This is equivalent to owning your own house where you have then access to the server 24/7.
  • Re-Seller Hosting-where the web hosting company can provide its services to a third party at a nominal fee and who in turn can also re-sell the Server to many more customers.

Advantages of Web-hosting

  • A web site is perhaps the first door introduction of the company to its viewers. It has its place in terms of brand value, conveying the right company image, advertise products and services, showcase its capabilities.
  • Feedback is the breakfast of champions. A website is also a feedback gatherers which could be enabled such that it could track what kind of web traffic is viewing the hosted content. The crucial information of how many people are interested to know about your company and how much time did they spend on your website, what features and sections of the web content got more attention from viewers.
  • The benefit of being able to create several e-mail accounts on your website with which you gain the attention and trust of the customer as you will be communicating through email from your own website.
  • The dependability of web community. When a web content gets higher page hits and moves up the web search such as Google search it reflects the uniqueness of the website, the name, the brand that holds the web content and reflects confidence for the users to engage with the website.

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