Innovative group communication over sms


Real-time Interaction and Collaboration has become the latest buzz in the world of social media. If you have used Twitter or FaceBook you’ll know that they can easily sink your time. It’s hard to keep up with your 300+ friends on FaceBook and your 3000+ followers on Twitter. The noise created by today’s social media is a big challenge for businesses to overcome.

While FaceBook and Twitter are great platforms to promote your business they do not give you the best experience when it comes to managing more intimate collaboration and communication with your employees. This is where GroupMe comes into play.

GroupMe is a free service that allows you to simultaneously communicate with a number of mobile devices using either text messaging or conference calling. The best part of GroupMe is that it can work on any mobile device that has support for SMS.

With GroupMe you can create private groups. For example, you can create a group for all your field workers who are on the go. When you create a group, you are given a unique number, that you can use to communicate and collaborate with the whole group.

Currently GroupMe supports a maximum of 25 people per group. This should be more than enough for most small businesses to keep in touch with their employees. While GroupMe is free, the standard SMS rates from your mobile carrier will still apply. GroupMe is currently only available in the United States.

Do you find GroupMe an attractive Social Media tool for your small business? In what other ways can you use GroupMe for your Small Business.

For more information on GroupMe, please visit

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