Adding user-names to facebook profile

FacebookEarlier, if we want to view some one’s profile in Facebook, we need to search for his profile, because we can’t memories the long URL that they had for profiles! But, Facebook started to give Facebook user-names, so that people can go to their profiles by entering!

Facebook rolled out this new feature last year… But still people seems to be un-aware of this cool feature. Still I can see many long, un-user friendly, ugly URLS in Facebook! So, I thought of writing about it again with some added content! Last time I didn’t talked about adding user-names for your fan page! But today, you’ll learn it!

How to add user-names to our Profile?

  • Go to :
  • Now, in the box provided enter the user-name you want and click on “Check availability” to check whether the user name is taken by another person!
Profile User NameProfile User Name
  • If your User-Name is available click on “Confirm” to add it

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