e-mail marketing Why gmail is your best friend

Technographic segmentation is fun – by looking at how someone browses the Internet, you can get a fairly accurate idea of what they’ll do on a page.  For example, we’ve found in the past that Bing users click on ads more than Google users, and Android users click more than iPhone people.  But what about email users?  Can you place a value on, say, a Hotmail user versus someone who uses Mail.com?

Oh, yes we can.  We broke down the ad click rate of a sample of about 330,000 impressions that came into the Chitika network from emails.  Surprisingly, unlike any other Google product, Gmail users seem to be the most likely to click on ads, with a CTR just over twice the overall sample’s rate.

Of course, in email marketing, the end conversion rate is only part of the story.  For a little more depth, here’s the breakdown of traffic generated by email provider:

So, what can we conclude?  Yahoo and Hotmail (or “Windows Live Mail”) send lots of traffic, implying that they should have great open and click rates within the email itself.  Gmail sends less traffic, but once that traffic gets to your offer or page with ads, it’s more likely to become a sale, or a click.

Tell us in the comments what your own personal experience has been with email domains and how they impact your email marketing strategies.

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