Young Teen Millionaire Technopreneurs Limerick Brothers

John & Patrick Collison Software millionaires

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Young Teen Millionaire Technopreneurs Limerick Brothers

The above photograph is of two brothers – John & Patrick Collison.

They started their first venture when they were 17 and 19 years of age. They founded the software Company – A Software Company which provides software for heavy eBay users. This Software company was acquired by Canadian Company Live Current Media for more than 3 Million Sterling Pounds in the year 2008.…..Well yes and that is whooping Rs. 24 Crores at the age of 20.

These Brothers are the youngest Rich Adults of the Ireland.

Moral of the Story:

Well, there is not any minimum age required to start your own Business. You can start your own Business at any age. And well, yes. Don’t believe in the commonest myth that your parents and school teach you – Doing Business and Investment is Risky.

This is because our education system is designed in such a manner that it will never motivate students to become entrepreneurs. This is because it is designed to create Employees who run the Businesses by living paycheck to paycheck and Self-Employees who take some kind of expertise to serve the economy.

While Entrepreneurs are those who take money from the Investors and hire Employees and self-employees under their Business and add values in the life of literally millions of people. So motivate your Kids to become entrepreneurs. This is because not the everyone can become employee or self-employee.

If these teen age high school going kids can make fortune at this much of early age than you can also make your fortune at any age. So Start your own Business no matter how young or old you are. And believe me, owning your own business is really a fun…!!!

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