Young Teen Internet Entrepreneur Michael Furdyk

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Young Teen Internet Entrepreneur Michael Furdyk

When Michael Furdyk was just 13, he started his website business with his partners. And when he became 17, he sold his profitable website business for whooping US $ 1 Million….!!!!

Well, yes. Before leaving his high school, Michael had US $ 1 Million in his Bank Accounts.

He started a website business, worked hard to develop it and when the website grow sufficiently, he sold that website for whooping million dollars and became financially free at the age of 17, without having any higher college degrees.

He still doesn’t have his Diploma degree. But he got enough venture capital for his new startup to lease a spacious office suite and employ 20 staffers–including his father, who just quit his job as an executive at NCR Corp.

Well, at the age of 17, he is the CEO of his new Business But……This CEO is Too Young To Vote…!!!

Moral of the Story:

Parents should not stop their kids being entrepreneurs. This is because you will never know that when your kids become mature and started understanding the language of business, money and finance. Well, This is the Information Age.

People who born after 1990 have seen the world through the eye of the Internet and now these young Tech Kids are making their fortunes on the Internet. This Technology is so powerful that even a School going kid can set a side business apart without doing any investment and make literally millions of dollars from their businesses even before leaving the high school.

So if you have that Entrepreneurial spirit than do something creative in your life. Don’t listen to what school says you. Make your own rules and follow them. And believe me, you will also become like these millionaire kid entrepreneurs…!!!

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