Young Internet Millionaire Entrepreneur Carl Churchill


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Young Internet Millionaire Entrepreneur Carl Churchill

Carl is the UK based British Designer also known as the British Bill Gates. He started his Internet Business at the age of 12 years and when he was 19, he was already making more than 1 Million pounds from his Internet Business.

And according to the projections, by the end of 2020, his profits will touch more than 100 Million pounds every year from his Internet Business.

During his school days, he was doing some freelancing work for telecomm companies and making lits of money from it. He is the Director of DMC Internet.

Setting up a business at such a young age is an achievement in itself, but the services that DMC offers are technically complex and wide-ranging. The company is basically an ISP, offering everything from wireless broadband to programming and server security. That�s a bit different to simply buying a product wholesale and then selling it at a mark-up: Churchill had to actually know a hell of a lot about his services.

Moral of the Story:

Take the inspiration from this young teen age self-made internet entrepreneur who made his fortune in his teen age. What the most of the parents advise their children? – Well don’t do business because it is Risky. Rather than that get a safe and secure job at some company and live paycheck to paycheck.

Believe me, When you go for “Safety” (Job Security), you are compromising with the Growth. And you should never compromise with your growth.

Believe me, It is always advisable to start your own Business as early as possible in your life means probably in your School age.

Yes, I know that many of you won’t agree with my this statement. But well, the truth is that Time is the most precious element of your financial successful. Remember, lost money can be recovered but the lost time can never be recovered. And when you go to Colleges and for speciality degrees, the Education system will slowly eat up your time.

And when You become Too Smart….You are too late…!!!

And that’s why the ideal way is to start your own business simultaneously with your School or College education. And once your Business grows and stabilizes sufficiently, Leave the Education system. This is because now you don’t need to do job any more in your life So why to waste time in the Education System?…!!!

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