Young Entrepreneurs James Murray Wells of

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Young Entrepreneurs James Murray Wells of

James Murray was still around 19 when he finished his high school and just entered in the first year of his collage in UK. He saw the great business opportunity in the online retail industry for selling glasses. He saw that there was not a single online Glasses company in UK and he click the idea to start the

He started his business from his College Loan money and after that never looked back. Within a year, he made US $ 1 Million and today his company is making 4 Million Sterling pounds a year….!!!

Moral of the Story:

This young entrepreneurs has used his college loan to start his own Business. And what generally we taught by our parents, School system and the financial planners?….Play it Safe, Fixed Deposits are the safest place to park your money, Invest in mutual funds and diversify and many more things right….?

This young entrepreneur has taken a risk from his college loan and still made a fortune. It means that Business is not risky but being un educated about the business is risky. It is the false mindset that our Schools impart in our minds since our childhood and that’s why when students enter into the real life they are afraid of taking risks. They are afraid of starting their own Business and doing Investments.

So my advise to you is that, Follow your own thoughts and ideas when it comes to start your own Business and believe me, you will never fail…!!!

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