The Internet Millionaire Adam Hildreth of

The Internet Millionaire Adam Hildreth of

Adam Hildreth was born on March 1985 and he setup his first business at the age of 14 years only. Well, Yes when the whole world teens where busy with playing games, partying with friends and studying hard – Adam was developing his own Business.

Dubit Limited went onto become one of the biggest teenage websites in the UK and now markets itself as a ‘Youth Marketing Agency’, advising major brands on how to market their products to young people.

Well, yes. Today Dubit advises major brands to understand the youth lifestyle, demand and behaviour so that they can target this population very well and reach to them in a proper way.

These people do the primary research of any market targeting the youth. And give the detailed report to the major brands so that the major brands can decide their marketing strategies very well.

As of 2010, his estimated net worth was 2 Million Sterling Pounds and that is Rs.16 Crores at the age of 25 years only….Not bad for the start-up investment of just US $ 10…!!!!

Moral of the Story:

Let your children think differently. You don’t know the potential of the young generation. Kids who born after 1990 have seen the world with the eye of the Internet. And they are now developing their Businesses on the Internet and doing investments also on the internet.

Rather than forcing them to follow the age old advise to go to school, get good grades, find good job, work hard at the work place and live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of the life, Motivate them to start their own Business. You will never know that when they will become successful Entrepreneurs…!!!

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