Teen Young Entrepreneur Juliette Brindak worth $ 19 Million at 19

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Teen Young Entrepreneur Juliette Brindak worth $ 19 Million at 19

Juliette has founded the website MissoFriends.com when she was just 10. Well, Yes. She started her own Web Business when she was just 10 years old and that’s why we can not say that she is a Teen Entrepreneur. She is basically a Kid Entrepreneur.

At the age of 19 (February 2009), She was already worth of US $ 19 Million. And well…well…but at the age of 19 she was in her own business since almost a decade…!!!!

MissoFriends.com is visited by literally millions of girls every month. When she was 16 she published her own book and in the summer vacation she sold out its 1,20,000 copies…!!!

Moral of the Story:

The basic rule of becoming successful in the Business is that, the earlier you start, the richer and more successful you will become. This is because when you are young, you will have a time by your side to recover from any fall, set back, venture failures and learn lessons from it.

The Education system is designed in such a manner that it will eat up your time. Going to school, colleges and super specialty branches will do nothing but eat your valuable time. So by the time, when you will be too smart, you will be too late.

And that’s why it is always advisable to start your own Business as early as possible in your life means NOW. There is not the minimum age of starting a Business. Young entrepreneurs around the world like Juliette have started their own Internet Business at the age of 10 only. And so that you can also learn the lesson from her and start your own business in your teen age or in your twenties.

Believe me, When you are too smart (I mean with all the higher educational degrees), You are Too Late…!!!… So START EARLY…!!!

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