Teen Age Millionaire Kid Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson is the founder of the website CameronJohnson.com.

Well, as of 2010 his Age is 24. But he started his first business when he was just 9. And today he is world’s one of the most successful Entrepreneur. Well, Yes. I am not exaggerating the things. World’s one of the most successful Entrepreneur is in his twenties.

Let me tell you that how intelligent this young entrepreneur is? At the age of 12 years he took his sister’s Beanie Babies Collection and sold it for whooping US $ 50,000 through his website business. Can you imagine this?…. A 12 years old kid used his brain to sell his sister’s collection for $ 50K????…

But well, This is 100% True story. This is the power of the Internet and the Information Age.

Still Want to more proof of his Intelligent Entrepreneurial mind? Well, Read ahead…!!!

By the Time he was 15…..His Internet Business was making US $ 15,000 per Year Day….!!!! (Yes, That was his per day income. I have confirmed it with various authorities on the Internet). And that is Rs.7.5 Lakhs every day after day at the age of 15 years….!!!!

Moral of the Story:

Show this story to your parents. And convince them that what is the potential of young generation? Going to school to get good grades, getting higher college degrees and working hard at some private company or as the Government Employee up to the age of 65 years, Investing in Pension Plans, PPF and mutual funds and holding it for decades to become financially free is not what the Information Kids want.

The above is the age old financial advise for the information kids. This is because they have seen the world through the eye of the Internet. And they will also make their fortunes on the Internet.

So Motivate Your Children to become Entrepreneurs so that they can create jobs (Employment) in the economy.

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