About “Teen Age Millionaire Ashley Qualls of WhateverLife.com”

Ashley Qualls is the founder of WhateverLife.com – A Website that gives free MySpace layouts and earns through displaying the advertises on the site.

Ashley started her Internet Business in the year 2004 at the age of 14 years only and with the start-up capital of US $ 8 (Rs.400) which she borrowed from her mother to buy a Domain name. Today (2010) her website receives 7 Million visits a months (Yes…That’s 70,00,000 visits a Month..!!!) and up to now, she has made US $ 1.5 Million from her website.

According to CBS Interview, her Internet Business income is over a million dollar a year according to her. She bought a house for her family and paid cash for this deal….No Loans….

I think this is not a bad for the initial investment of US $ 8…!!!!

Moral of the Story:

Everything is possible in this world. You will just have to use your mind and do the hard work. As Einstein once said that once the human mind thinks something big, it doesn’t fit back into the normal skull. So Start your Internet Business like Ashley and make a fortune in your teen age or in twenties.

After all, This is the Information age and it doesn’t require money anymore to make money. It just requires an idea to make money. Even a primary school going kid can put his side business on the internet and earn more than his/her parents in the Information Age…!!!

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