Sean Belnick: Young Teen Age Millionaire Entrepreneur

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Sean Belnick: Young Teen Age Millionaire Entrepreneur

This Kid started his Business at the age of 14 years. He spent 3 full days to develop his business plan and ultimately came up with the idea of – a Business that sells office furniture and other supplies.

Well, yes…And the Start-up Capital for the Business was just US $ 500….!!!

In less than 5 years, his business started making Literally US $ 50 Million per year…!!!

And the business is consistently ranking in the top retail businesses in the world.

Moral of the Story:

Most of the people argue that they want to start their own Business but they don’t have enough money to start their own Business. But well, it is the vision of the entrepreneur who will run a company and not the Huge start-up capital.

BizChair – The company which is generating over US $ 50 Million in annual sales started from just $ 500 of initial investment. So Start Small and keep re-investing the profit of your business again and again. And over the time, it will become a Giant empire.

Not having money should not be the excuse to not to do a Business. Rather than that you should use your mind and find out the ways to start your business with low start-up capital. Take the Example of this Blog. This Blog Business started with NO INVESTMENT.

So every great business in the world start with the founder’s Passion and Vision to add values in the life of literally millions of people. So Now onwards, never give excuses like you are not starting your own business because you don’t have enough capital. It doesn’t require money to start a business in the Information Age. It only requires an idea and a web space to start a Business and become rich in the Information age…!!!

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