Millionaire Kid Entrepreneur Rich Stachowski of Water Talkies

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Millionaire Kid Entrepreneur Rich Stachowski of Water Talkies

Well, yes. Again this entrepreneur does not belong to the teen age millionaire entrepreneur category. But he is belong to the Kid Millionaire Entrepreneur category. At the age of 12 years this boy has invented “Water Talkie” which is a device to communicate clearly under water.

Water Talkie Device

It’s a fun water toy. But it get popular in no time. And this Kid started making over half a million dollars from selling of this toy. And well, yes. He was still not in teen age when he received his first half a million dollar.

When he was 11, he was on vacation with his father in Hawaii. And he was sawing colourful fishes. But after that his father told him that there was not a single device in the market by which people can communicate under water.

And at that movement, The Entrepreneurial mind of Richie strike a Business Idea. After going to home, he started making this toy. He searched the Internet vigorously to understand the Water Acoustics and came up with this device known as Water Talkie.

Moral of the Story:

Always Keep your mind open. The great business opportunities are around you only. They will come into your day to day life. Find such kind of opportunity and develop a business around that opportunity. And well, yes. There is not any age bar to start your own business.

Anybody can become entrepreneur in his/her life at any age – No matter how old or how young he is. This shows that your school and college education does not have anything to do with your financial success.

So if you are a School or High School going Kid than Start your own Business. You are in the right age to start your own Business Kids…!!!

2 thoughts on “Millionaire Kid Entrepreneur Rich Stachowski of Water Talkies

  1. okay….i like this …especially because i come from a country where we have a saying that…’education is the key to a bright future’… hence,there is no room for innovation and creativity,,,everything is by the book…so this is and encouragement and an eyeopener for me….thanks …i am ready to think and be a millionaire….

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