Mike McDonald – A Teen Millionaire Poker Player


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Mike McDonald – A Teen Millionaire Poker Player

Who says that you can only become a millionaire in your teen age by doing a Business only? Take the example of Mike McDonald. Mike is a professional poker player. And he first time became a millionaire at the age of 18 by playing a poker tournament at European Poker.

Well, I am not advising you to become a Gambler and make money like this. But well, there are many professional gamblers around the world who are making their living on the Gambling only. Many professional gamblers make literally millions of dollars every year by gambling and Mike is one of them.

Mike has a natural skill and ability to understand the distributed cards in the game of poker. Very few people in this world have such kind of ability.

Moral of the Story:

Well, I am not saying or advising you that you also become a gambler and make money. I am just saying you that, Your Educational degrees have nothing to do with your financial success in your life. You can become a financially success even without those higher educational qualifications.

So remove that fear from your mind that you will have to get higher education to make more money. The higher education will only qualify you to become an employee at some business or government and nothing more than that.

So remove that fear of not having a job and financial insecurity from your mind. Instead of that take risk, Don’t afraid of taking risks rather than that learn how to manage Risks. After all, What’s so much exciting in doing 9 to 5 job and living paycheck to paycheck?

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