Kid Girl Abbey Fleck Business Idea: Makin Bacon

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Kid Girl Abbey Fleck Business Idea: Makin Bacon

This Girl actually doesn’t fall in our list of teen age millionaire entrepreneurs because she started her business at the age of 8 years. Well, Yes. just 8 years. She invented a product called Makin’Bacon at the tender age of 8. The product cooks bacon in such a way as to reduce the fat content of the food without taking away its flavor. The product was such a success that she now earns over $1 million annually in royalties from the Makin’Bacon business. Here is her story…

One Saturday morning in 1993, when she was eight years old, Abbey Fleck and her father, Jonathan, were cooking bacon in their St. Paul, Minnesota home. Having run out of paper towels, Abbey’s dad was forced to use the daily newspaper to soak up the excess fat from the cooked slices. When Abbey’s mother protested at this impromptu arrangement, Abbey’s father facetiously suggested that he should just let it “drip dry” instead.

Abbey thought there must be a way to do just that. She realized that it would be both less messy and more healthy to cook the bacon hanging above a dish that would collect the liquid fat. So Abbey and her father began to design what eventually became the Makin’ BaconŒ dish. It is a square, inch-deep skillet of microwave-safe plastic, with three T-shaped supports rising up from its center. The bacon cooks while draped over the crossbars of the central supports, and the fat drips down into the dish.

Moral of the Story:

I don’t know why our parents and school teach us that – Starting a Business at young age extremely Risky? In my opinion, Starting a Business at younger age is much more safer than starting a business at the later age.

This is because during the young age, you are single and don’t have any dependents on you and that’s why you can take more risk. And even if you fail, you have time by your side so you can recover. So simply don’t follow your age old school principles if it demoralize you for dong a Business.

This is because a School is not the right place to grow your Entrepreneurial spirit. Schools are designed to generate Employees and self-employees only who run the businesses of the rich. While the real financial freedom is in developing your own Business, adding some kind of value in the life of millions of people and watching your money and your people working for you in your Business…!!!

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