Fraser Doherty: The World’s Best Student Teen Entrepreneur

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Fraser Doherty: The World’s Best Student Teen Entrepreneur

Fraser Doherty is from Scotland and he started his first venture when he was just 14 from the start-up capital of US $ 5 only. He took her grand mother’s jam recipe and started making jams from fruits and fruit juices in his kitchen with the help of his grand mother.

His initial goal was to make some jam and sell to local churches and near by areas so that he can earn some money. After that he keep re-investing his money in his business again and again and Today his Eat Super Ltd. is International profitable Jam Business with annual revenue of US $ 3 Million + and growing…!!!

Moral of the Story:

Don’t think that only Adults can start a multi-million dollar businesses. Teens and young entrepreneurs can also start their own business and take it to any heights. It’s a Myth that Business & Investing is Risky. The fact is that depending on the job security for the rest of your life is risky.

In the real life, not having a Business is risky and believe me, There is not any age bar to start a Business. Any one can start a Business at any age. If these teens can start their own business at the age of 14 and become millionaires before they leave the high school than anyone in this world from any age group can start their own Business and make fortunes.

There is never a right time to start your own Business.

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