Catherine Cook of – The teen Young Millionaire Entrepreneur

Catherine Cook

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Catherine Cook of – The teen Young Millionaire Entrepreneur

Catherine is the founder of the Social Network site which she founded with David Cook in the year 2005. Today is the third largest social network in USA after Facebook and MySpace.

Catherine was just 16-17 years old when she founded She raised the start-up cost of US $ 250,000 from her brother who is a successful Internet Entrepreneur. His brother had successfully sold his 2 Internet Businesses in the year 2002 for US $ 10 Millions – &

Catherine and David hired the team of programmers from Mumbai, India to develop their website. When the website was launched, they started marketing in their school by wearing T-Shirts of And there was a slogan on their T-Shirts.

“Are you the prettiest girl in your high school? How about the dumbest? Find out at”

The campaign worked….By the end of that year 950,000 teen agers from all around the America were the users. has made US $ 10 Million in Advertisement revenues.

Moral of the Story:

Our School and parents teaches us that Doing a Business is Risky. But what about these Information Kids who have made their fortunes on their teen age? Now, don’t argue with me that but these are just the few exceptional cases….NOpe…!!!!

There is a whole generation of teen age Millionaire entrepreneurs in all around the world. So Start Your Business Young. Do you want to live paycheck to paycheck for the whole of your life or follow the principles of the Information age and get ahead of the time?

The choice is yours…!!!

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