Brett Klaski: The Teen Age Young Millionaire CEO


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Brett Klaski: The Teen Age Young Millionaire CEO

Brett Klasko first time became the executive and CEO of a Multi-million dollar Dot Com Company – Phinaz Media Group at the age of 14 years. Current age is 25 years (As of 2009). He is one of the Best CEOs under the age of 25 in the world.

Well, yes. When he first time became CEO of the Dot Com Company, he was not eligible to Vote. But well, yes he was eligible to make important key decisions of the multi-million dollar business empire. He has not even left his high school when he first time Became a CEO.

After all, How can anyone at the age of 14 finish the high school education?

Moral of the Story:

In the Information age, it doesn’t require higher qualifications and college degrees to become CEO of Dot Com Companies. It just requires a true knowledge of the Technology. Because of the Internet, anyone from anywhere in the world can put a business online without doing any Investment and make millions of dollars.

You don’t have to wait until the age of 25 years to complete the education to make money by getting a job. You just require an idea and desire to get rich and financially free in the young age. After the birth of the Internet in 1990, the Industrial age get over and the age old principles of Industrial age also become old.

In fact, today going to school and colleges to get higher educational degrees to work hard for rest of your life and living paycheck to paycheck for the rest of your life is no longer the effective advise to become financially successful in your life.

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