How to add your blog in Technorati & What are the benefits is a search engine of blogs. It indexes more the 100 million blogs in blogosphere. So adding your blog in technorati will ensure that you get indexed properly, get some more traffic & also get a chance to be in top 100 blogs in the world.

So How Technorati rates your blog

Its pretty simple, the number of unique blogs linking to your blog in the last 6 months will be added up and it will decide who is number one. After adding your blog in technorati you will be pinging technorati and they will get all the data about your article postings.
Whenever a blog links at you, they will increase your authority which means your ranking is been improved in blogosphere. Apart from being featured in top 100 blogs you will be getting massive subscribers and unique traffic as technorati is been accepted globally in blog ranking.
For all this to happen you will require to claim your blog or add your blog in technorati with proper tags and keywords that you are targetting.

How to add the blog

Again its pretty easy and you will need to just follow few steps before making your blog claim.

  • Sign In ( If you don’t have a technorati account Join it Its free. )
  • Go to your account
  • Look in image below, you will find this on your account page .. with a box which will be a URL field for claiming your blog

  • After adding your blog and the required title and tags you will get a message on your email account with a claim token which would be a random generated text.

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